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Electro Test Services is Cork's leading provider of Testing and Inspection Services.

Electro Test Services is a division of ETS Electrical Contractors which specialises in all aspects of Electrical Testing. Along with our wealth of experience, our team are certified to carry out Periodic Inspection, Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Testing and Portable Appliance Testing.
Code of Practice for Emergency Lighting I.S. 3217:2008
All property owners have a legal obligation to commission and maintain the emergency lighting in their premises. Similar to the Fire Detection & Alarm System regulations, Quarterly Inspection and Tests of the Emergency Lighting System must be carried out and records maintained. Electro Test Services carry out these tests to ensure compliance with I.S. 3217:2008
Fire Detection & Alarm System I.S. 3218: 2009 "Code of Practice for Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for Buildings
As the proprietor of any building, it is your legal responsibility to have a Quarterly Inspection and Test of the Fire Detection and Alarm System. Electro Test Services carries out this service for a diverse range of clients including Landlords, Property Management Companies, Churches, Healthcare Organisations, Offices and Retail Outlets.

Periodic Inspection ET101.2000
We carry out Periodic Inspection Reports on Electrical Installations. These tests will determine whether or not your installation is compliant with the National Rules for Electrical Installation. Should your building not be compliant, we can provide a quotation for remedial works. When the installation is compliant, we provide you with your certificate of compliance.

Portable Appliance Testing Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Regulation (2007) S.I. 732
Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2007 puts the legal responsibility on Owners, Directors, Managers and Safety Officers to ensure the safety of all employees.

Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Regulation 2007 (SI 732) requires all appliances to be tested regularly and records maintained for five years. We will store your data for you, or we can supply you with a database, containing your test results in electronic format. The keeping of suitable records are essential as they provide evidence of due diligence in the event of a prosecution.

We are constantly updating our clients with new legalisation ensuring that they are compliant. We design individual packages for new clients which allows them to use one, or all our testing services.

Contact Electro Test Services today for a one stop solution to ensure compliance with current legalisation.

Electro Test Services is a division of ETS Electrical Contractors